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Bruce Airhead ~
The metamorphosis of a man & a six foot balloon!

When it comes to "general silliness", we British are renowned as being the most eccentric nation on the planet.

Many have argued that this is an insult to the British people, our way of life and our values.

Clearly, these people have never met Bruce Airhead!!!

Mad as a box of frogs, but hysterically funny nonetheless, we deny anyone not to laugh out loud at the bonkers antics of the man with the giant balloon!

Bruce AirheadBruce has performed his trademark cabaret act across the UK, around Europe and most of the world ~ and still no one has worked out exactly why he's mad enough to do it!

He has performed on TV, in theatres, at corporate events, festivals, galas & carnivals ~ in fact anywhere an oiled up bald bloke can slip into a large balloon for the enjoyment of others!

His audiences range from children, to celebrities, Captains of Industry, ordinary folks like you and me, and even Royalty, including Princes William & Harry and The King & Queen of Sweden.

Bruce AirheadBruce has made many television and festival appearances, including BBC 1 Graham Norton's “When Will I Be Famous“, BBC 1 The Slammer, Channel 4 The Charlotte Church Show, BBC 4 Music Hall Meltdown, Glastonbury Festival, Limburg Festival Holland, Love Box Festival London, Edinborough Festival,  Moomba Festival Melbourne Australia, St Magnus Festival The Orkney Islands, Larmer Tree Festival, Cornbury Festival and the Artimond Festival Holland.

His corporate clients include Hilton Hotels, Tesco, BMW, Marks and Spencer, UAE Holdings, J & B Whiskey China, Bahrain Grand Prix and the Fashion Awards Week India.

Bruce AirheadEnjoy Bruce Airhead's Antics Here

The act is unique, immensely entertaining and has the best surprise ending you could ever wish to see. It's a guranteed crowd pleaser, and we cannot recommend this total lunacy highly enough!

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