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Dotty Totty

Dotty TottyNothing creates a frisson amongst your guests or breaks the ice better than a little unexpected character interaction.

Especially if that character interaction comes from the slightly strange and eccentric minds of our dear ladies who go by the delightful name of Dotty Totty!

Described by some as a charming addition to any event and by others as “mad as a box of frogs!”, guests will be enchanted and entertained by these charismatic and engaging performers who mingle amongst your guests and clients, putting everyone in an upbeat, receptive and positive mood.

Dotty Totty Aliens
So why not let Dotty Totty charm, delight and bemuse your guests and clients with one of their unique manifestations, such as:

"Best In Show"

Three 'human show' judges have been sent from outer space to judge your crowd and find the best in each show category. Qualify for an award and you will go home with a Polaroid picture of you and a judge, complete with a statement telling you which award you have won. Previous awards have included: Best Leggy Blonde (male & female), Most Original Mover, Most Unusual Dresser, Most Gregarious Socks and Most Suggestive Moustache.

There are no requirements for this act, other than a sense of humour and variety of humans for us to play with. Polaroid giveaways can be branded with your company logo or the date of the event.

We guarantee your event will be remembered for months to come!

“Dotty Totty’s delightful act went down a treat at our benefit evening. The hilarious spectacle is not to be missed. The performers are talented, great at comic timing and very very entertaining.”
Mind Out Service Manager

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