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If you have reached this page as the result of a recent bereavement, please accept our sincere condolences.

Understandably this is a difficult and often distressing time for all who knew and loved the deceased, but it is also an opportunity to reflect, relive precious memories and celebrate a life well lived.

In life, each and every person has their own story to tell, and the way in which they travel on their final journey after death says a great deal about them as an individual. In turn, this freedom of expression often provides an uplifting sense of closure for those left behind.

With that in mind, First & Foremost Entertainment is proud to offer dignified options which can be added to your loved one's funeral arrangements, in order to personalise their service or reception.

Our most popular choices include:


The angelic beauty of the harp makes it the perfect musical accompaniment either during the service, or at the funeral reception.

String Quartet

The classical sound of a string quartet is perfect for a more formal service or reception and is often favoured by a more senior clientelle.


Professional guitarists are available in various styles and musical genres, including Classical, Jazz and Flamenco, to set exactly the tone and ambiance that you require.


Favourite songs and familiar tunes played on a piano or electronic keyboard can evoke wonderful memories and create a warm background accompaniment at the funeral, or post service, at the reception.


Bagpipes have always been a popular choice at services, be it a cultural or perhaps military reference to the deceased, and nothing stirs the senses like the poignant drone of the pipes to create a fitting and memorable farewell.


The stunning soprano voice is both beautiful and comforting in times of loss. It is often utilised during the funeral service to sing a favourite song loved by the deceased or perhaps a poignant classical aria. Popular favourites include Schubert's "Ave Maria" & "O Mio Babbino Caro" (O My Beloved Father) by Puccini.

Firework Display

For the true showman, “going out with a bang” is indeed possible. Professional firework displays are available (subject to location) as part of the funeral reception. We also offer a "Celebration of Life" display, in which the deceased’s ashes can be launched into the heavens as part of a stunning, grand firework finale.

White Doves

Dove Release At FuneralThe release of pure white doves, either singly, in pairs or as a small flock is both a beautiful climax and symbolic farewell at the end of a loved one's service.

Enquiries & Advice

To enquire further about any of the above options, to book, or to discuss your own ideas, Click Here now, or call us free on 0800 2707 567 or mobile 07505 56 56 35