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Hand Balance by Nikita

Nikita Hand BalanceNikita trained in sports-acrobatics and classical dance before finding her way to The Circus Space in London. Here, she discovered a playful creativity which complimented her extraordinary understanding of handbalancing. This was when she made the decision to express the beauty of handstands, making it her current and future career.

Nikita has a repertoire of beautifully choreographed acts to suit any occasion. Here are just some of the acts she provides:

“Zentralmassiv” This handbalancing act is slick and dynamic with a series of movements around a simple handstand table with two blocks, leading to a stunning variety of highly skilful one-arm handstands. The clear and beautiful visual imagery creates a soft and magical atmosphere throughout the performance.

Nikita Flower Buzz“A Flower’s Buzz” This comedic theatre act is about a cheerful and quirky bumblebee, which speeds across the stage in search of pollen. Breath taking handbalancing and acrobatic sequences go hand in hand with hilarious comedy. The fast-paced entertainment is a guaranteed highlight.

Nikita: Hand BalanceNikita: Hand Balance
“A Heavenly Balancing Act”
A special act for every event. This dynamic and funny walkabout act combines athletic and graceful acrobatic balancing with joyful and lighthearted theatricality. This act is available for walkabout or as a stage piece.

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Please Note: For the safety of our performers, in some instances the head height in an indoor venue may need to be confirmed. Please consult the First & Foremost team, who will be happy to advise and assist.