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Ravi ~ Hypnotist

Hypnotist Ravi with Jonathan RossRavi, our astounding hypnotist will quite literally hold your guests and clients completely spellbound as he moves deftly among them in any “mix and mingle” scenario and within minutes has them completely under his mystic power.

This incredible display of mind control and hypnotic technique is the best there is in the country, and Ravi’s ability to hypnotise on the spot is truly remarkable to witness.

Available for any type of event or occasion where it is important to break the ice, create a fantastic atmosphere and get everyone in party mood, you need look no further than Ravi, our incredible hypnotist and magician.

Ravi Putting Guest Under#1Ravi Puttug Guest Under#2
Ravi Professional HypnotistWatch Ravi's Astonishing Skills

Due to the unusual nature of Ravi’s act, he is usually booked well in advance, so it is never too early to make a no obligation availability check.

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