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Ricky Gervais & Mackenzie Crook

Ricky Gervais and Mackenzie Crook1 Look a LikesRicky Gervais Look a LikesRicky Gervais2 Look a Likes

Ricky Gervais & Mackenzie Crook are two of the most recognisable faces of comedy on British television.

Gervais’ alter ego David Brent has, for better or for worse,  been taken to the public’s hearts and is known throught the entire world.
Now however thanks to the world of look a likes, you too can enjoy the company of Ricky and Mackenzie at your next big event, private function or corporate party.

Available as individual characters or as a double, David Brent & Gareth Keenan (The Office) will delight your guests and clients and afford you fantastic photo opportunities and the perfect ice breaker.

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