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Living Statue ~ Statuesque

Statuesque NelsonStatuesque is a brilliant living statue performer who will enchant and delight guests at any type of event or occasion.

The stock of costumes he uses is second to none, even providing bespoke costumes for specifically themed events.

Statuesque has been providing living statue performances for over 18 years.

He has been booked by many high profile companies for their events including Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, Cadburys, Longines, BBC, ITV and Channel 4, among many many others.

Available through First & Foremost Entertainment, Statuesque is a superb talking point for your guests and really does attract a great deal of attention, curiosity and wonder wherever he performs.

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Click the thumbnails below for more of Statuesque’s themed costumes:

Statuesque AdonisStatuesque CowboyStatuesque Chocolate Man