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The 3 Painters

The 3 Painters is a brand new entertainment concept which has taken the USA by storm.

Now available in the UK through First & Foremost Entertainment, it mixes dynamic live music and truly astonishing speed painting in a maelstrom of creativity.

The results are mind blowing, unexpected and always highly entertaining!

The 3 Painters have a multitude of shows and concepts available, ideal for any occasion, and provide the perfect solution for a high profile charity fundraiser, as the major pieces of artwork produced before your very eyes can in turn be sold, raffled or auctioned!

“Unbelievable…The money raised by the paintings at our Celebrity Golf Gala was twice the amount we paid for the entire act.” Gina Hill, Parasol Foundation

Which show, concept or scenario would work for your next event? Check out the videos ...

The 3 Painters ~ The ConceptThe 3 Painters ~ The Concept

The 3 Painters~ Live On StageThe 3 Painters ~ Live On Stage

Gallery Creation: Our 3 high energy painters invite the audience to witness a truly unbelievable and spectacular artistic feat as 3 giant portraits are created live on stage, at lightening speed!  Each painting is 5' by 7.5' high and becomes part of the background setting, transforming an impromptu art studio into an incredible art gallery. Performance time: 7 minutes!

Paint Duel: A giant easel, 10' wide and 8' high on wheels is set whirling centre stage whilst our astonishing painters simultaneously create 2 entirely different paintings on the run, either side of the canvas. Peformance time: 7 minutes.

Giant Icon: Ladders, stilts, trampolines, in fact whatever it takes to create a truly larger than life 7.5' by 10' tall tribute. Performance time: 8 minutes!

Mural Challenge: Imagine a 20' wide by 8' high mural that is designed specifically for your audience, evolving in just 9 minutes! The 3 Painters join forces, tossing brushes, running side to side, rushing to complete their monster masterpiece in time. A truly breathtaking experience with an unbelievable potential for integrating logos, messages, specific icons or images. Performance time: 9 minutes!

Whatever your event, The 3 Painters can create a bespoke performance just for you, your business or charity.

With themed scenarios which incorporate everything from the Best of Broadway, through to touching personal send off's or thank you's to VIP's within your circle or company, there are no more versatile, enthusiastic and immediately adaptable performers than the company of The 3 Painters.

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