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The First & Foremost Fun Casino

The F And F Casino Theme NightEver fancied yourself as a high roller, a cool poker player (complete with shades) or a demon with the dice, shooting craps?

Well now all the fun and excitement of a Las Vegas Casino can be yours at your next corporate event, wedding celebration or private function.

Try your hand at Roulette, Blackjack, American Craps & Poker ... without losing your shirt or remortgaging the house!

Ideal as a fun night or the perfect charity fund raiser.

Bespoke tables and experienced, uniformed croupiers mean that you can be assured of the best Fun Casino experience available.


Roulette is one of the most popular and easy to learn casino games, and a must for any event.

With our purpose made and hand crafted roulette tables that are unique to The First & Foremost Casino, you can expect to have approximately 15 guests playing at one time, with a full compliment of casino chips.


A sociable, interactive and entertaining game that really gets your guests talking.

Blackjack is definitely the second option after Roulette when deciding on which games to have at your party or event. Most people will be familiar with Pontoon or 21. Blackjack is very similar except there are no 5 card tricks or burning cards. Blackjack is easy to learn, a game where your guests will really feel that they play a part, and skill and strategy are all all important.

Blackjack at F&F CasinoAlthough the layout on a Blackjack has seven positions we can deal between the boxes to enable more people to play. Our croupiers are there to teach and advise your guests and even recommend strategies should your guests require it.


With poker gaining popularity around the globe most people are now familiar with the basics of the game.

Generally we offer 5 Card Stud Poker, which is easy to learn and allows your guests to exit the game anytime they wish. Stud poker is played against the bank and not your fellow players.

Should your guests prefer Texas Hold'Em then provided we have a Texas Hold'Em dealer available, we will be happy to substitute. (Advance notice required).

As always, our friendly uniformed croupiers are there to guide your guests through the rules of play.

Dice / Craps

A loud, fast paced and exciting game.

Craps is the most complicated of all the casino games, although on a fun casino evening the rules are somewhat simplified, and if you like a challenge it is well worth the time to master this game.

See how your luck can change with just the roll of a dice!

The First & Foremost Fun Casino can be run purely as a fun night or event with chips used in stead of money, and prizes given should you wish. It can however also be a fabulous fund raiser for charity events and corporate functions.

To enquire further or to book, Click Here now, or call free on 0800 2707 567 or mobile 07505 56 56 35

      Casino Guests at F&F CasinoPartying at F&F CasinoPaul O'Grady at table

Please Note: Fun casinos are perfectly legal and require no special license. However, there are certain rules which must be obeyed, in order to remain within the letter of the law. Fun Casinos are covered under Section 15 of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976. This states that a Fun Casino must be run in conjunction with some other form of entertainment, such as a Corporate Dinner, Wedding Reception or Sporting Event etc. Under no circumstances must the casino itself be the sole reason for guests to attend.

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