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Voca People

The Voca People are here ...

And they are out of this world!!!

VOCA PEOPLE is a new, phenomenal, international vocal theatre performance that combines amazing vocal sounds and a-cappella singing with the art of modern beat box, which imitates the sounds of drums, trumpets, guitars, other instruments and musical effects.

All this is achieved without using any musical instruments on stage, and is performed with great charm, wit and humour and just a hint of friendly audience participation.

So what is the story of these amazing performers, and where do they hail from? Well ...

Somewhere in outer space gleams the unique, white, planet of VOCA - a musical planet.

The VOCA PEOPLE live peacefully and musically on this planet, using only music and vocal expressions to communicate and interact.

They have heard the music of Earth and of other galactic planets and with their phenomenal abilities they visit different worlds, spreading their special musical message and way of life to other alien cultures.

Voca PeopleWatch Voca People Here

Voca PeopleVoca People Theatre Trailer

The VOCA PEOPLE strongly believe that music brings harmony and joy to everybody, anywhere. One look at the comments they received on a recent inter-planetary jaunt to earth readily supports this claim:

“Terrifically engaging!  Terrific vocals, Ingenous arrangements - A Great Deal Of Fun!”  New York Post

"…repeated standing ovations for the dazzling Voca People, the virtuosos of voice and beat-box"  La Libre Belgique, Belgium

“… nothing is said, everything's sung. The result is a musical explosion propelling the a cappella style towards new summits while flirting with the humorous show as well”  24 HEURES, Switzerland

"Wow, such an explosion of talent on one stage in one night.  Wow…"  Hed Hakrayot, Israel


“You can’t get enough of that perfect harmony of sounds and movements. Do not miss this show!” The Stage

Mega galactic superstars…you have to see this to believe it"  CBS early news, USA

"Aliens with golden voices"  Le Parisien, France

"Amazing" Paris Match, France

The VOCA PEOPLE ensemble consists of 8 talented musician/actors; 3 alien female singers that bring the very best female voices (alt, mezzo, and soprano) and 3 alien male singers (bass, baritone, tenor). In addition, 2 beat box artists that create extraordinary beat box sounds and are considered to be the best performers in their field.

VOCA PEOPLE is an innovative performance and one of the few acts in the world that combines singers and beat box performers to form an entire orchestra without musical instruments. This unique, comical and theatrical framework entwined with the special mega-mixes carried out live on stage, distinguish them from any other vocal group.So great is the Voca People's popularity that they are currently spreading their musical message of joy on Broadway in New York.

Rest assured however that Voca People still remain available for select corporate events, celebrity parties, television appearances and theatre engagements here in the United Kingdom.

First & Foremost Entertainment is immensely proud to represent the Voca People in the UK. So why not be one of the first in the country to enjoy the live sounds and spectacle of the friendliest aliens in the known universe? We promise you an experience that is quite simply out of this world!!!

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