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Toastmaster ~ Geoff

Toastmaster GeoffGeoff is one of the busiest and highly regarded Toastmasters in the East and West Sussex region.

The key to his success is being adaptable and having the following core skills that will ensure your wedding or corporate event runs smoothly:

  • The application of formal duties, with due decorum and respect.
  • Vast experience and the knowledge to advise on protocol and etiquette.
  • Being approachable, caring and friendly.
  • Being immaculately presented and having an authoritative bearing.

Escorting The BrideGeoff has all of these qualities and confidently performs his duties in an efficient but equally caring and friendly manner. He has boundless energy and a tireless enthusiasm dedicated to giving the best to his clients, which means that Geoff is always mindful that he is at your service.

Geoff will be wearing the traditional attire of a Toastmaster to add that little pomp to the ceremony. He prides himself in being "of the old school" and will bring a taste of the old fashioned rules of protocol and etiquette to your special day or event, making it both sophisticated and memorable.

It is important that when you choose a Toastmaster that you select one who is associated with a recognised and a reputable organisation.  The English Toastmasters’ Association is one such organisation that is established to ensure the very highest standards amongst its members. Geoff is proud to be a member and to uphold the code of ethics of the association.
British Toastmasters Association Logo
Whatever your event or occasion, Geoff will bring his years of experience to bear in making sure that absolutely eveything runs smoothly and to time. Accordingly, the entire team at First & Foremost Entertainment are delighted to recommend his Toastmaster services to you.