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Tongue Tied ~ Mime

Mime Tongue Tied White FacedTongue Tied is the perfect name for our lovable and very funny mime artist.

As you know the one rule of mime is that no talking is allowed… but don’t be alarmed, as our fabulous mime will certainly make his presence felt and make himself entirely understood to your guests and clients.

Extremely endearing, Tongue Tied is the perfect ice breaker at any event and is brilliant in mix and mingle situations where he is able to use his unique improvisational skills to interact with the party goers, bringing joy and merriment as he does so.

Suitable for any themed event, Tongue Tied can transform himself into a huge array of traditional and modern mime characters.

Tongue Tied: MimeWatch Tongue Tied The Mime
His mime styles include slow motion, human puppet, robotics, body ripples and mannequin.

His natural charm and wit dazzles audiences of all ages and types, and his multitude of mime skills ensure that he is one of First & Foremost Entertainment's most popular performers.

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